If you are raising an Active Kid, you have come to The Right Place.

Hello I’m Hemsweta (Teacher Cheena) and I welcome you to RaisoActive, where I’m on a mission to keep my creativity alive and match up to the energy of my kids. As a mom of two and a teacher, I know how difficult it is to channelize a child’s energy to right direction.

How it all started?

With situation of Covid-19, my little one Tisha (3 when we started) was stuck-at-home, with ‘No school’, ‘No play’ and ‘Only TV’.

Homeschooling has taken on a whole new meaning these days. Toddlers are moody and have a very short attention span of 3-5 mins. So I was sure, live school sessions won’t help here. But then Tisha loved watching youtube videos and was super excited doing activities with me.

My love of being a Mom and passion of teaching gave birth to RaisoActive. Where we believe in giving wings to a Kid’s creativity, learning and physical energy.

Whats there for me?

RaisoActive is a community where you will find –

  • Fun learning
  • Craft activities
  • Science Experiments (STEM)
  • Fun games
  • Physical activities
  • Competitions with prizes
  • And lots more for FREE 🙂

We try to provide printables with each activity video. You can download and print them offline, this helps you reduce screen time as well.

Meet Our Team

Hemsweta Jain – Founder

Hemsweta Jain (Teacher Cheena), is an MBA along with a degree in Early Childhood Education. Since 2014, she has taught several grades from Kindergarten to Graduates. She is a mother of two and stays in Mumbai.

She believes, the secret to well balanced life is with coffee in one hand and a good book in other. Other then teaching, she tries to keep up her creativity alive, by painting walls and doing activities with kids.

Creative Team

Vaishnavi Vijay Shelar

Also called Vaishu, she is a TY Student. Loves making Handmade gifts, paper flower, explosion box etc.. A traveller and a Coffee Lover. Does b’day decoration on order basis.

Vaishnavi Diwakar Bagayatkar

Friendly and talkative, just needs high five to cheer. A SY Student. Loves painting and dance. Can’t live without mobile and coffee.

Riha Diwakar Bagayatkar

A foodie, she is a TY student. With expertise in making handmade greeting, scrapbook and explosion box. She is a shopaholic and explorer.

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