15 Jan2021January 15, 2021

Making paper elephant with moving trunk

Easy and fun activity for kids to make and play with, you can also use this for teaching letter E.

Blowing into a straw assists in development of oral and facial muscles, which would further help kids in speech development, while playing with the elephant they made.

Materials required?

  • Blue and white card paper
  • Marker, Scissor, Glue
  • Straw


1) Take a Blue chart paper.

2) Mark 4cm horizontally and vertically 15 cm and cut …

08 Jan2021January 8, 2021

Practice sleeping lines

If your kid is starting to write, do show this video, where I teach sleeping lines on our worksheets / pattern writing book in a fun way . It’s specially good for home schooling or even after school for practice.

Its a great video if your kid wants to practice sleeping lines. It will help them with prewriting skills. This is where kids gets attract with the video & follow instructions which help them practice …

08 Jan2021January 8, 2021

How to hold pencil for kids

If your kid is struggling with holding pencil do show this video, where I demonstrate two easy and fun ways to hold pencil correctly and with good pencil control.

It is especially important to teach child the correct way of holding pencil. The perfect pencil grip is known as the tripod grasp. When child places the tip of the index finger and the thumb on the pencil, while stabilizing the shaft of the pencil with …

21 Dec2020December 21, 2020

Christmas – Fun Activity Printable Worksheets | SCISSOR SKILLS & COLOURING

This Christmas let’s keep our child busy with something very creative & festive at the same time. During holidays keep your child engaging with fun learning activity sheets. These sheets not only have cutting, pasting, colouring but also fun learning with fun facts & little rhymes.

Login First & then click link below to download free printables

Link -Christmas fun activity worksheets

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Email us at raisoactive[at]gmail.com if you face any issue downloading …

28 Nov2020November 28, 2020

3D Paper Christmas Tree & Decoration Ideas for Christmas

These paper crafts are very easy to make for kids in preschool.

3D Paper Christmas Tree – Paper Craft This is very easy to make Xmas tree, by just cutting circles and pasting them in order. You can paste them on a paper as shown in this video and your circle tree is ready.

Paper Lantern – Christmas Decoration Ideas Kids would love to create a fabulous string of lanterns and decorate in this festive …

30 Oct2020October 30, 2020

summer season activity by my 3 year old

Summer time, Summer time. Lets go on beach & play. Sun is near, chilling out here.

Making a card on sunny day at beach, is an easy to do summer season activity for preschool and kindergarten. Enjoying Sunny Day on the beach in summer season.. 🏖️ In this video, my 3yo is making a 3d card on summer season 🌞

Making Sun using a paper plate. Sun is chilling out wearing sunglasses 😎… having a …

16 Oct2020October 16, 2020

Learn about my family using puppets

Family comes first , it keeps us close. If you have anything to share, your family will always be there. Let’s teach our children about family in a fun way by making cute family puppets.

The family puppet activity is done by my 3 year old. she enjoyed doing this & along with fun, she also learned about family.

26 Sep2020September 26, 2020

The Powerpuff Girls Racing and The Fun Sun Game | Origami

These Origami games with paper are fun to make and play with kids.

The Powerpuff girls racing game

It’s a very easy to make game using paper. You can draw powerpuff girl like shown in the video or you can download the printable.

The Fun Sun Game

It’s an easy to make game, which you can play using a straw. Blowing into a straw assists in development of oral and facial muscles, which would further …

06 Aug2020August 6, 2020

Creating Bunny using hand print

This Easy to make Bunny Craft is made of hand print, super easy even toddlers can make it. Fun to make in Different colors and Fun way to make them Learn letter B for Bunny.

#easycraft #paperbunnycraftsforkids #handprintbunnycraft #preschoolactivityforkids #palmshapebunnycrafts

Printables You Can Use

30 Jul2020July 31, 2020

super cool rakhi

To impress your dearest little cool bro, you need not to step anywhere out as here we are showing making of cool, smart and lovely Rakhis with photos, superheroes,foodies and more.

Goggles Rakhi

To make your little bother happy make this dazzling Goggle rakhi with photos of your cool bro on it. Easy to make paper rakhi. Amaze your brother by making this rakhi.

#handmadephotorakhi #DIYphotorakhi #goggle lover bhai #coolbhai #herobhai #beadrakhi #LittleBrother

Printable You …