Easy and fun activity for kids to make and play with, you can also use this for teaching letter E.

Blowing into a straw assists in development of oral and facial muscles, which would further help kids in speech development, while playing with the elephant they made.

Materials required?

  • Blue and white card paper
  • Marker, Scissor, Glue
  • Straw


1) Take a Blue chart paper.

2) Mark 4cm horizontally and vertically 15 cm and cut it.

3) Cut 2 triangles of the same sheet.

4) Take 1 piece of triangle and take the top of the triangle and fold it as shown in video.

5) Do this step for another piece of triangle.

6) Take a straw and stick it in the between of 2 folded chart paper.

7) Now stick the strip in the middle of 2 folded chart paper which will act as trunk.

8) Fold the triangle paper in the form of ears as shown.

9) Draw eyes and tusk of elephant on white paper and paste it on the triangles.

10) Decorate the trunk of the elephant with the help of the sketch pen.

11) Blow into the straw, your Paper Elephant with moving trunk is ready 🙂

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