20 Aug2021August 20, 2021
5 Amazing stress busting activities for kids

5 Amazing stress busting activities for kids

With kids spending more time in the house and having reduced physical interaction with friends and extended family, there is more need than ever before to manage stress effectively. I did some research and curated these amazing stress buster ideas. You can try these out to have some great time with kids and also help them and yourself to take the stress out of your life.

1. Family Yoga or Exercise Routine

Families that Sweat …

12 Jun2021June 13, 2021

Musculoskeletal System for KIDS

Understanding Human Body – The musculoskeletal system 💪

Our musculoskeletal system includes bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments and soft tissues. They work together to support our body’s weight and help us move.

We made these simple cardboard cuttings of the human body with organs, skeleton and muscles. Asked kids to arrange them in correct order and played with some fun facts on bones …

20 Nov2020November 20, 2020

Fun Water Experiments Demonstrating Air Pressure and Light Refraction

We have done three water experiments here, to demonstrate Air Pressure effect on Water and effect on light path traversal when it passes through water glass.

Experiment 1 – Light Refraction when it passes through water glass

Make and place arrows pointing to left, just before glass of water. When you see through the water glass, arrow points towards right. Why does it happen? Light travels from the air, through the glass, then through the …

13 Nov2020November 13, 2020

Making Paper lantern

Paper lanterns are very easy to make decorations that will add a festive air to any occasion.

Your kids can make their own paper lanterns using these steps in videos, with just colourful papers easily available at home. So what are you waiting for, just watch the video and learn how to make paper lantern.

You can use these Diwali Decoration Ideas, to decorate your home by making paper lanterns.

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09 Oct2020November 1, 2020

Easy to make Hand Puppets of Animals using paper

Hand Puppets of Cute Animals It’s very easy to make hand puppets of Animals using paper. We have shown an example on how you can make a pig puppet. Similarly you can make puppets of other animals like Monkey, Cat or Bee. You can play with these hand puppets or also use them as bookmarks.

Paper Mouse It’s a very easy to make cute paper mouse, which you can play with or use as wall …

12 Sep2020September 12, 2020

making wild kratts creature power discs & suit

MY 3 & 8 year old are big time fan of Wild Kratts. Both wanted wild kratts creature power discs to play . I thought why not make them, which will keep them busy & excited to make something which they love.

For those who do not know about Wild Kratts, its an adventure comedy show where Kratt brothers encounter wild animals during stories of adventure and mystery. It is also very educational for kids …

09 Sep2020September 9, 2020

Balloon Boat and Bottle Rocket

These are fun experiments using straw, which you can do at home and play as a game too.

How it works?

Bottle Rocket – when you squeeze the bottle, the air inside bottle is forced out via straw and it makes rocket move up. Because of weight of rocket, it comes down again.

Balloon Boat – The air inside balloon, pushes out of straw and goes in water. This makes Boat move in opposite direction. …

08 Aug2020August 8, 2020

Water experiments For School age kids

Please do these experiments with adult or parent supervision. These easy to do simple experiments will help kids understand, water density, air pressure and role of oxygen in burning.

Warm & Cold Water don’t mix

  • Hot water is less dense than cold water, and rises when at bottom and hence it mixes.
  • But when hot water is at bottom, it will not rise and hence not mix as well.

Glass & Candle experiment

  • Twice as

07 Aug2020August 10, 2020

Kids activities on krishna janmashtami

Janmashtami Special Painting and Art Activities, which can be done as part of School Competitions. Simple DIY activity for children during this festive season.

Dahi Handi Drawing & Slidecard

This Festive season lets do something creative by doing Matka Painting and craft activity.

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Bal Gopal Decoration and Matki Painting

Janmashtami is around the corner and we all want to do …

05 Aug2020August 5, 2020

Making a caterpillar

This smiley caterpillar is so fun and easy to make. It not only gives a 3D effect, but also helps as a prop in your story telling.

#caterpillar #HomeMadeFunnyGame #SmallFunActivity #For kids #Easytomake


1) Take the caterpillar which we made.

2) Hold the ends of caterpillar.

3) Keep your first point of caterpillar stable.

4) Slowly moved the end point of caterpillar.

5) After moving the end point, caterpillar will be …