Please do these experiments with adult or parent supervision. These easy to do simple experiments will help kids understand, water density, air pressure and role of oxygen in burning.

Warm & Cold Water don’t mix

  • Hot water is less dense than cold water, and rises when at bottom and hence it mixes.
  • But when hot water is at bottom, it will not rise and hence not mix as well.

Glass & Candle experiment

  • Twice as much oxygen is burned than carbon dioxide is released, the air volume decreases.
  • Heat by candle, cancels depletion of oxygen temporarily and the water level stays down.
  • When oxygen is depleted, candle goes out and the air cools. The volume of the air decreases and the water rises

Balloon Lifts Glass [Air Pressure Experiment]

  • Hot air moves out on burning , reducing pressure inside & developing vacuum.
  • Balloon sticks to glass, to fill this vacuum and hence lifts glass with it.

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