Fun development activities for toddlers, it seems easy but is very important for their sensory development, cognitive development and fine motor skills.

  • Water transfer activity is fun for kids but at the same time helps in development of fine motor skills.
  • Color sorting activity helps in differentiating colors and also develop their cognitive skills.
  • Sorting pulses and lentils is great for sensory as well as cognitive development of kids.

All these activities are fun for kids at the same time helps in their over all development.

  • How to keep toodlers happy and busy at home?
  • How to entertain them and keep away from TV?
  • How to teach toddler at home during this lock down?
  • How to engage toddlers at home?

These easy toddler activities at home are fun learning & entertaining. These play idea videos will help you in keeping your toddler stay away from TV, and at the same time helps in their development. Keeps 1-2 year old entertained and also helps 2-3 year in their early development

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