08 Jan2021January 8, 2021

Practice sleeping lines

If your kid is starting to write, do show this video, where I teach sleeping lines on our worksheets / pattern writing book in a fun way . It’s specially good for home schooling or even after school for practice.

Its a great video if your kid wants to practice sleeping lines. It will help them with prewriting skills. This is where kids gets attract with the video & follow instructions which help them practice …

16 Oct2020October 16, 2020

Learn about my family using puppets

Family comes first , it keeps us close. If you have anything to share, your family will always be there. Let’s teach our children about family in a fun way by making cute family puppets.

The family puppet activity is done by my 3 year old. she enjoyed doing this & along with fun, she also learned about family.

09 Sep2020September 9, 2020

Balloon Boat and Bottle Rocket

These are fun experiments using straw, which you can do at home and play as a game too.

How it works?

Bottle Rocket – when you squeeze the bottle, the air inside bottle is forced out via straw and it makes rocket move up. Because of weight of rocket, it comes down again.

Balloon Boat – The air inside balloon, pushes out of straw and goes in water. This makes Boat move in opposite direction. …

03 Sep2020September 3, 2020

Easy to make Paper Chick

Easy and fun activity for teaching letter C by making a Chick using colorful paper for kids. It is a fun way of learning by making & sticking parts of chick.

Sticking activity helps in eye hand coordination and understanding the sizes and shapes. It’s one of the fun craft ideas for toddlers & preschoolers.…

01 Sep2020November 16, 2020

Making a Caterpillar Racing Game for toddlers & Kids in Preschool

Easy and fun activity for teaching letter C by making a Caterpillar racing game for kids. It is a fun way of learning by playing a caterpillar racing game.

Blowing into a straw assists in development of oral and facial muscles, which would further help kids in speech development, while playing this game.…

11 Aug2020August 11, 2020

Fun activities for Toddlers at home to keep them Entertained and Engaged

Fun development activities for toddlers, it seems easy but is very important for their sensory development, cognitive development and fine motor skills.

  • Water transfer activity is fun for kids but at the same time helps in development of fine motor skills.
  • Color sorting activity helps in differentiating colors and also develop their cognitive skills.
  • Sorting pulses and lentils is great for sensory as well as cognitive development of kids.

All these activities are fun for …