28 Nov2020November 28, 2020

3D Paper Christmas Tree & Decoration Ideas for Christmas

These paper crafts are very easy to make for kids in preschool.

3D Paper Christmas Tree – Paper Craft This is very easy to make Xmas tree, by just cutting circles and pasting them in order. You can paste them on a paper as shown in this video and your circle tree is ready.

Paper Lantern – Christmas Decoration Ideas Kids would love to create a fabulous string of lanterns and decorate in this festive …

16 Oct2020October 16, 2020

Learn about my family using puppets

Family comes first , it keeps us close. If you have anything to share, your family will always be there. Let’s teach our children about family in a fun way by making cute family puppets.

The family puppet activity is done by my 3 year old. she enjoyed doing this & along with fun, she also learned about family.