08 Jan2021January 8, 2021

How to hold pencil for kids

If your kid is struggling with holding pencil do show this video, where I demonstrate two easy and fun ways to hold pencil correctly and with good pencil control.

It is especially important to teach child the correct way of holding pencil. The perfect pencil grip is known as the tripod grasp. When child places the tip of the index finger and the thumb on the pencil, while stabilizing the shaft of the pencil with …

21 Dec2020December 21, 2020

Christmas – Fun Activity Printable Worksheets | SCISSOR SKILLS & COLOURING

This Christmas let’s keep our child busy with something very creative & festive at the same time. During holidays keep your child engaging with fun learning activity sheets. These sheets not only have cutting, pasting, colouring but also fun learning with fun facts & little rhymes.

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Link -Christmas fun activity worksheets

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28 Jul2020July 30, 2020


Identification and Recognition is an ability to understand the shape, size and sound of letters. These video sessions are fun learning way to help them identify letters individually by using different techniques.

Words Starting With Letter B

This video focuses on understanding the sound of letter B and identification of words starting from letter B in a fun way.

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26 Jul2020July 26, 2020

RaisoActive Rakhi Making Challenge #RaisoRakhiChallenge

This Rakshabandhan why venture out when you can celebrate from home and win gifts delivered to you via Amazon, by RaisoActive.

How to participate?

  • Make a Rakhi or a Gift for your sibling
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20 Jun2020July 25, 2020

RaisoActive – Coming SOON :)

Kids stuck-at-home?
No School?
No play dates?

Don’t worry!

Coming up soon – RaisoActive with lot’s of

  • Fun Learning
  • Craft activities
  • Science Experiments
  • Printables
  • Fun games
  • Physical Activities
  • Competitions with prizes

And lots more for FREE 🙂

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