20 Nov2020November 20, 2020

Fun Water Experiments Demonstrating Air Pressure and Light Refraction

We have done three water experiments here, to demonstrate Air Pressure effect on Water and effect on light path traversal when it passes through water glass.

Experiment 1 – Light Refraction when it passes through water glass

Make and place arrows pointing to left, just before glass of water. When you see through the water glass, arrow points towards right. Why does it happen? Light travels from the air, through the glass, then through the …

09 Sep2020September 9, 2020

Balloon Boat and Bottle Rocket

These are fun experiments using straw, which you can do at home and play as a game too.

How it works?

Bottle Rocket – when you squeeze the bottle, the air inside bottle is forced out via straw and it makes rocket move up. Because of weight of rocket, it comes down again.

Balloon Boat – The air inside balloon, pushes out of straw and goes in water. This makes Boat move in opposite direction. …