RaisoActive – Fun Activities – Scissor skills for kindergarten (Downloadable)

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The activities given in the book includes use of scissors which helps children develop small muscles in their hand which also helps in improving handwriting. It also includes mazes, puzzles, animal craft, 3D craft, Grain drawing, finger painting and much more, which stimulates creativity & vision.

This fun activities book will help your child in the development of fine motor skills and cognitive skills. Our objective here is to develop child’s ability to hold & use scissors as well as increase their creativity & imagination.

In this book you will find:

– fun & easy objects & shapes to cut & glue together

– wavy and straight lines to practice cutting skills

– simple puzzles to cut out and arrange to make a picture

– learn about community helpers

– fun facts about different animals

– little rhymes to play with finger puppets

– and all activities with dotted outlines to make cutting easier

I am sure your child will love these worksheets & it will help you in developing your child’s fine motor skills & cognitive skills . I have also created a Parent’s guide which guides you with Scissor skills & some of activities for fine motor skill development & eye hand coordination. I have also created Some fun how to videos on this book, which you can watch here or scan below QR code.

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